SLEEP: Same nighttime sleep- 8pm-7am. USUALLY taking 2 naps, but this is the first month where you haven’t taken a morning nap. It happened 1.5 times- once when I went to sub at preschool, you didn’t take a nap until we were home after 2pm! And the other time is a “.5” because you didn’t sleep until after 12pm and it was at the gym fun club in a swing which I woke you up from only 20ish minutes into. I feel like this maybe/maybe not morning nap trend is going to continue for a while. And although it’s hard because I can never PLAN on if you’ll take a morning nap or not, you are SO GOOD about falling asleep in your car seat if you are tired and not having a meltdown that it’s not too bad.
EAT: Most meals you eat more than Blake. Still having 4 “bottles”, 2-3 real bottles and 1-2 sippy cups of formula a day. 20-24oz.
SIZES: 12M-18M clothes, size 4 shoe, size 4 diaper.
MILESTONES: Top teeth are about 1/2 way in. I feel like they’re taking forever! YOU TOOK YOUR FIRST STEPS!!! Not completely walking yet, you’re very cautious, but your daddy is working with you on it and you LOVE it. You’re little mouth is wide open and smiling the whole time. First Easter. First trip to the Arboretum. Lots of playground fun. Your first boy cousin Jackson was born! Can’t wait to watch y’all grow up and play together.


Logan turned 10 months old on 3-7-16!



Chris put Logan on Blake for a hug and it turned into wrestling. Look at those chunky legs! I just want to eat them up!


SLEEP: Wake up around 7-7:30am…1st nap around 10am…2nd nap around 1:30-2pm (whenever Blake takes his nap)…bedtime around 8pm. I don’t want to jinx it, but you are a GOOD night sleeper! Hardly ever waking up. It’s so nice. Your 1st nap is usually 30min-1 hr. If it’s any longer, your 2nd nap is usually short and that’s not fun because I have to keep you quiet while Blake sleeps.
EAT: Still the same- anything you can fit in your mouth. You LOVE food. It’s so fun!
SIZES: Some 9M still fit, but mostly 12M clothes. I washed all of Blake’s old summer clothes and it’s so cool seeing you in his cute tshirts & shorts. Size 3 diapers are getting a little snug and after this last box, I think we’re going to put you into size 4.
MILESTONES: We can’t believe your top teeth haven’t poked through yet. You’re drooling like crazy and they look like they could come through any day. Still not walking but you crawl so fast and you “walk” around everything that you can pull up on. You “swam” for the first time in the FAC indoor pool.
TRIPS: We didn’t go anywhere out of the area. Just playdates, parks, etc.
You are such a happy baby and growing so fast. We love playing with you and watching you play on your own. You love to put things into containers and take them out. You love to push rolling cars along while you crawl. You just woke up from your nap, so I’m going to go get you and give you lots of kisses๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚



Logan turned 9 months old on 2-7-16!


SLEEP: Pretty good. Some days your naps aren’t very good and you were bad at night during your TWO ear infections, poor guy. But usually pretty good. We try to put you down around 8pm and you usually sleep until 7am. Still 2 naps even if one is only 30 min (or in the car). You’re a pretty good car napper, but only for 20-25 min.
EAT: ANYTHING YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON! This month you’ve developed your grasp and can put mostly anything I put on your tray in your mouth. Favorites have been lots of canned veggies- sliced carrots, green beans, hominy (it’s bigger than normal corn so easier to grab), beans, you LOVE macaroni and cheese, bagel with cream cheese cut up really small, even a quesadilla! You love ranch flavored baby “cheetos”. I don’t even bring baby food with us to restaurants anymore because you’d rather eat real food. Still 4 6-7oz bottles although you rarely finish the whole thing. You get distracted so easily unless you’re really thirsty.
SIZES: 9-12M clothes, size 3 diapers. With the weather getting warmer some days, I am going to have to sort through the boxes of clothes and get some 12-18M summer things out soon! I bought you some cute black/red tennis shoes from walmart but I usually don’t bother putting them on you. You just want to chew on them anyways.
MILESTONES: Still 2 teeth, still crawling/pulling up. I’d say FOOD was your biggest milestone this month. Forget baby food, you want anything we’re eating. You don’t want to be left out!
TRIPS: Lubbock Jan 20-24 for mommy & daddy’s couples weekend. We also visited the trampoline park in Frisco and aquarium in Grapevine.
LOVES: Socks. (If you find a sock on the ground, you carry it around with you everywhere. It’s especially hilarious when you have a sock in both hands!) Your paci. Blake. Following Blake. Doing everything Blake does. Walking while we hold your hands. Food. Being outside. Being held. Putting your hands underneath you while you lay on our shoulder. (I never want to forget that, Chris and I both LOVE it)


Logan turned 8 months old on 1-7-16!



Of course, Blake didn’t want to be left out of the pictures…even though he would never look.




SLEEP: Sleeping through the night most nights. 8pm-7am usually. Still taking a morning nap although it’s usually only 30 minutes, barely enough time for momma to shower! The afternoon nap begins whenever Blake’s does- around 1:30-2pm and it’s usually longer than your first 1-1.5, sometimes a glorious 2 hours!
EAT: Getting you to drink your 24oz of formula a day is tough! You’d rather just eat real food. Loving all baby snacks- melts, “cheetos”, puffs, mum mums, etc. If you could just HOLD ONTO more things they would make it to your mouth. Bananas get slippery and macaroni is still little for your uncoordinated fingers to get into your mouth. Bread is a good thing to give you- toasted or not.
SIZES: All 9-12M Size 3 diapers, although you’ve been put into brother’s size 5’s a few times and they really don’t look too big. I’ve switched from the Target brand to Pamper brand because you seem to “sog-out” of the Target brands a lot and I get annoyed with them. I am looking forward to going through all of Blake’s summer shirts & shorts for you in a couple of months! You’re going to look so cute in shorts!
MILESTONES: TWO TEETH on the bottom. Crawling so fast. Very good balance but still have to hold on with one hand. You play by yourself pretty well since you can go get any toy you want and then sit with it. Everything goes in your mouth. Your first SNOW was 12/28/15 (a light dusting and gone by the evening, but still snow!)
TRIPS: We stayed home for Christmas but it was so fun with you and your brother. We drove to Abilene New Years Day (Friday) and stayed until Monday. Went to Hope Park a few times and you love crawling/climbing on everything. I went and renewed our gym membership right before the New Year and you’ve done SO. GREAT. in the Fun Club. You hardly even notice I’m dropping you off!
I say it all the time- You’re such a good baby! We love you so much. You bring so much joy and laughter to our family.